Find out more about staircasing

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Following the success of our staircasing events last year, we’re holding another event on Saturday 14 September at our offices. This’ll be an opportunity to talk to us not just about staircasing, but resales and general shared ownership queries, too. Further details will follow in the next few months.

In the meantime, if you’re thinking about buying more shares in your home and want to pay less rent, please get in touch.

Our Property Sales team is on hand to speak to you directly and answer any questions you have. If it’s more convenient we can even arrange an evening call with you to talk through the process.

If you’re already thinking about increasing your shares but want to know if it’s an affordable option, then we can refer you for a no-obligation free assessment with our Specialist Mortgage Advisor. Further information on staircasing is available in our Guide to Staircasing,  or contact our Property Sales team if you’d like a feasibility assessment or to arrange a discussion.