You can view our available shared ownership homes here. If you would be interested in the shared ownership scheme please contact the Shared Ownership Sales Team on 0300 777 2600 or by email at shared.ownership@goldinghomes.org.uk

Cindy & family

Cindy and her family got the keys to their new home in August 2020, and Cindy said it felt like a dream. “When we got the keys, we ran in shouting we’ve finally done it, this is our dream house,” she laughs. “It took a few days for it to sink in that this is really our house, this is where we live now. The family have been visiting us already and love it.”


“My home means a lot to me, I take pride in my home and want it to be a safe and secure place for me and my daughter to live.
If it wasn’t for shared ownership we wouldn’t have been able to purchase our own property, have our own home. Feeling like you own a property gives you a sense of satisfaction and Golding are a really nice housing association to be a part of.”

Mrs Odebiyi

What do you think of your new home?
“I love it. The first time I came in I thought wow, I got all of this for the price! I was excited. You get a bit nervous, especially with a 2 bed, you think the rooms might be small, but good-sized rooms, high-quality appliances. It’s amazing, I’m happy.”

How was the service?
“Everything was smooth from buying to handover. Everything was good, I’m happy. It was pretty straightforward, no problems, everyone was friendly and helpful.”

Paul & Jolene 100th Shared Ownership

Paul and Jolene

Since meeting six years ago, both Paul and Jolene have been saving every penny in the hopes that that one day they could afford their own home.  The Shared Ownership scheme has made it possible for us to get on the property ladder.

“The house is amazing and we are overwhelmed,” said Jolene. “I can’t wait to start moving in our belongings and making it our home.  Golding Homes have been brilliant and this home gives us hope for the future.”


“The property was too good to turn down, and it’s such an amazing opportunity to get on the property ladder. What really sold this development to us was the village is beautiful, it’s a small development, there are not many places you can have the sort of views we’ve been lucky to get. The shared ownership scheme is fantastic, its been a really simple process and its just been so easy.”