If you’re interested in the shared ownership scheme and need more information please visit our Shared Ownership page. To see what homes we have available you can use our property search option.

Customer Liliana with her cat


Liliana bought her new home, a 2-bed flat in Maidstone, in 2021 through the Shared Ownership scheme. After working hard to save up for the deposit while renting, she was able to purchase 25% of a brand new flat with Golding Homes, and by ‘staircasing’ she has increased her share of the home to 90%.  Read Liliana’s story.


Firefighter James bought his first home with us through the Shared Ownership scheme. Moving into his new home in Faversham James said “I have a massive sense of reward and achievement that I’ve got my own home and able to flee the nest”. Our Perry Court development was perfect for James as he needs to live within a specific mile radius of his work. In the future he’s also hoping to buy more shares in his home through the staircasing process. Find out more about James and his new home.

Cindy & family

Cindy and her family got the keys to their new home in August 2020, and Cindy said it felt like a dream. “When we got the keys, we ran in shouting we’ve finally done it, this is our dream house,” she laughs. “It took a few days for it to sink in that this is really our house, this is where we live now. The family have been visiting us already and love it.”


“My home means a lot to me, I take pride in my home and want it to be a safe and secure place for me and my daughter to live.
If it wasn’t for shared ownership we wouldn’t have been able to purchase our own property, have our own home. Feeling like you own a property gives you a sense of satisfaction and Golding are a really nice housing association to be a part of.”