Staircasing – buy more shares


Buying extra shares in your property means you own more of your home and pay less rent. This is called staircasing and is a great option for people who want to own more of their shared ownership property.

You can either buy shares in tranches or purchase the remaining shares to take you up to 100%, which is known as final-staircasing. If you own 100% of your home you’ll no longer need to pay us rent. The minimum share you can purchase depends on the terms of your Shared Ownership lease. Please check your lease for further details.

Before you decide to go ahead, it’s also important to think about all the costs involved in a staircasing application.

For more information please take a look at our new Guide to Staircasing (follow the link). This leaflet provides some useful information about the benefits, process and answers some frequently asked questions.

If you’d like to discuss applying to buy more shares in your home, or have any questions please contact our Sales Team.