James is in his new home for Christmas

James Shared OwnerJust in time for Christmas and firefighter James Harris is delighted to have moved into his first home, a three-bed house in Faversham, Kent, which is part of a development of 93 new affordable homes. 65 are for affordable rent and 28 sold under shared ownership.

He said: “I’m working Christmas Day, unfortunately someone’s got to, but with family living in Faversham I might get them round here for the day. Mum, Dad, Nan, and Grandad, it could be quite a full house!”

James has bought as a shared owner with Golding Homes.

For first-time buyer James it’s made so much sense for him to stay local. His new home is ideal as it’s close to family and friends. When he was ready to own a home, he quickly realised that shared ownership was the option which would best suit his needs. James is planning to stair-case to purchase more shares in his home and to eventually buy outright.

He said: “Getting a three-bed was a stretch but it’s future proofed me for whatever may come my way in the next five to ten years.”

He recognises the benefit of buying through a shared ownership scheme and his hope is that more affordable homes are built and offered through such schemes, without which he says he would not be where he is today.

James said: “I feel fortunate. It’s a real sense of achievement and reward to know that I’ve been able to get my own home, flee the nest and move in by myself, which is amazing. With developments now it’ll be good to focus on those first-time buyers and give them the opportunities to get to where I am now.”

Tom Casey, Director of Development, Communications and Sustainability at Golding Homes said: “We’re really pleased that James has settled into his new home. Shared Ownership is the perfect affordable housing tenure for those wanting to get onto the property ladder.”