Live to work, or work to live? Find out about our Live/Work Homes in Ashford

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Live to work, or work to live? Following the outbreak of coronavirus and the UK introducing lockdown in March 2020, this age-old question and subject of numerous ‘quote of the day’ internet memes has perhaps taken on greater importance and relevance to many of us.

For those of us fortunate enough to be able to work from home, the likelihood is that most of us do not have dedicated workspaces. We, therefore, find ourselves working from make-shift set-ups that aren’t ideal, whether that be the dining room table, a bed with a lap tray or, my own personal solution, the ironing board in front of the sofa. All this while also surrounded by the usual distractions of home, such as our family or housemates, those snacks in the cupboard, or that ticking clock in the background that you’ve never really noticed before but now cannot unhear, and which is slowly driving you to the point of a full-scale meltdown. And breathe….

Live/work properties offer a blend of spaces that allow you to incorporate but importantly, still separate, your professional working space and your personal living space. The idea has been around since the 90s, originating in the London Borough of Hackney, where the local authority wanted to promote regeneration but ultimately avoid developments from being completely residential. Having proved to be successful, developments have subsequently popped up across the UK.

Located at Finberry, a beautiful new village development by Crest Nicholson near Ashford in Kent, Golding Homes has six Live/Work houses available for let.

Set out over three floors, the workspace is located on the ground floor (first floor for any American readers 😉) with the living space on the first and second floors.

The workspace has a large room to the front, smaller room to the rear, WC and kitchenette area fitted with a washing machine. On the first floor, you will find the kitchen, WC and double bedroom, and on the second floor, you’ll find the master bedroom with en suite, another double bedroom and the bathroom.

Whilst the idea of live/work may conjure up visions of home salons, artist studios or nurseries, the reality is that most businesses can easily and successfully operate from these properties. And for those employed PAYE, many companies now actively promote and encourage their employees to have a better work/life balance. Live/work is no longer the sole preserve of the creative sector.

So for those of you who aspire to start your own business but don’t have space or feel that it would negatively impact on your homelife, or for those who have already started up but find your productivity stifled by working from a converted bedroom or renovated shed, or for those who’ve simply come to appreciate the benefits of working from home during this pandemic and want to make a change to allow it to be a fixture of your future working life, Live/Work could be the answer.

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