7 easy tips for decorating a rented home

Decorating a rented home can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. The fact you rent doesn’t have to stand in the way of your interior design aspirations. With a mix of clever home décor ideas and a touch of imagination, you can turn your rented space into your own haven.

Before planning your new look, it’s worth checking with your landlord how much flexibility you have with decorating. Some landlords are happy for you to make small changes, such as painting the walls, provided you return the property to its original state before you leave.

So, how do you personalise your home if traditional methods of redecorating are out of the question? Below we’ve listed some of our top tips for decorating a rented home.

decorating a rented home living room decor

Top 7 tips for decorating a rented home:

1. Add extra lighting

Lighting is an easy and effective way to brighten your home. With so many options available, you can use lighting as a great way to personalise your space.
Why not add fairy lights to your bedroom for a cosy feel, a statement brass lamp in the living room, or under counter spotlights in the kitchen for maximum impact? The best part is, all these lighting solutions are yours to take with you when you leave.

2. Add artwork

One of the best ways to personalise your rented home is by adding artwork that appeals to you. Poster feature walls, your favourite painting or a large canvas artwork will add life to any room and prevent it from feeling bare and clinical. If wall hangings are an issue due to your tenancy agreement, why not use mantelpieces and window shelves to display your artwork? Or try leaning a poster against the wall on the floor for a dramatic effect.

3. Bring the outside in

Plants are a wonderful way to bring colour and life into your home. From small plants on windowsills to hanging baskets from the ceiling, it all makes a big difference and adds a personal touch. Not great at keeping plants alive? Cactuses and succulents have a lot of character and rarely need watering!

4. Accessorise

Bright scatter cushions, cosy throws and fluffy rugs are perfect for adding colour and style to your rented home. This is also a very easy way of changing your colour scheme!

decorating a rented home plants
5. Give your furniture a revamp/upcycle

From stencilling designs on your wardrobe to repainting your chest of drawers, you can use your excising furniture to add colour, style and design to your rented accommodation.

6. Hit the charity shops (vintage finds)

Charity and vintage shops are full of homeware treasures, and no two pieces are the same! This is also a great idea if you are decorating your rented home on a budget.

7. Decorate your outdoor space (if you have one)

Don’t forget to add style to your outdoor space. Whether you’ve got a balcony, garden or a small window box, you can add potted plants, herb boxes and flowers to add life and colour.