New homes available through Shared Ownership

Golding Places has homes ready now via the shared ownership scheme. If you have ever wondered if shared ownership is an option for you – here’s some quick-fire facts to see if you qualify.

What is Shared Ownership?

Shared ownership is a scheme designed to help you get onto the property ladder and have a home of your own, when you can’t afford to buy the whole property outright.

It works by giving you the opportunity to own a part of your home and rent the rest. You can own 25-75% of the home’s value. In the future, and when you can afford it, you can buy a larger share of the property and in many cases, buy it outright.

Eligibility requires you to be employed and able to get a mortgage for the part you are buying. You will also be a first-time buyer, although there are some exceptions to this (see our Shared Ownership Leaflet). As a general guide, your annual gross income would be less than £80,000.

The home could be brand new or previously owned and you are free to sell the home when you choose.

Visit our Shared Ownership page for more information and to read our easy guide on Shared Ownership to see if it’s an option for you or someone you know to get onto the property ladder

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