5 Minutes With Our Head Of Commercial Services

Anne heads up the New Business and Commercial Services team at Golding Places. This consists of the sale of homes and apartments through outright sale, shared ownership homes and market rent properties.

We sat down with her to catch up on what’s happening at Golding Places, what developments we can look forward to in the future and how customers can buy through us.

Can you summarise what Golding Places does? 

For me, Golding Places brings a new opportunity to the Golding Homes group. We’re very much driven by growth and want to be a company that can deliver a growing number of homes over the years to come. All of our properties for Shared Ownership, for outright sale, and for market rent are delivered through Golding Places, as well as a selection of commercial properties and garages for rent. We are a diverse business, offering a wide range of products and different types and services.

What advice do you have to offer first time buyers or those wishing to get on the property ladder? 

If someone does want to move onto the property ladder, then I would give three pieces of advice.

  1. The first is about the financial side of things. It’s important to do the maths and the budgeting to find out how much you can reasonably save over a set period. Also, have an idea of how much you can borrow. There are plenty of advisors and online affordability tools that you can use to plan and budget.
  2. When you’ve sorted out your budget, how you’re going to save, and how much you can borrow, location is key. Think about where it is you want to buy. This could be good research and driving through communities and neighbourhoods to see what they have on offer because it’s not just about moving into a new home, it’s also about moving into a location that’s going to support your lifestyle. Make sure you’ve got the right commuter links, if you’re keen on sport, look at local sports facilities nearby, if you enjoy regular walks, ensure you are near locations that allow that. It’s about more than just the home.
  3. Then the third thing is about the product type. You might have an aspiration to one day own your home outright but there are steps that you can go through in the meantime. We offer shared ownership, which is a very popular way in which people can start on the property ladder. You could maybe buy 25% or 30% of your home and then rent the balance of that. Then, over time when your circumstances allow, you can buy more and ultimately own your own home.

Another tip is that flexibility is also important as well. You might have your dream home at the forefront of your mind, but it might not be affordable. Compromise and flexibility is something you may need to consider.

What properties/developments do Golding Places have available right now? 

We have a large selection of shared ownership, market rent, and outright sale properties on our website at the moment, but we also have seven new developments coming soon to Golding Places at various location across Kent. Those can range from parts of large developments, or they can be quite small discrete communities.

Why choose Golding Places? 

Golding Places is part of the award-winning Golding Homes housing association. We have been providing landlord services for many years and within the team, there is strong skills and expertise in providing those services.

I think an ambition of Golding Places is to be the top of its game and deliver expert services and supportive services and we’re continuously improving. So, all the team are trained in the appropriate qualifications to deliver those and we’re always in touch with our customers to make sure that the services we provide adhere to their expectations. We’re reliable, we’re responsive and we’re looking to grow.